22 3in1 Device is a revolutionary device that answers all of your client’s needs. This device does it all. Offer your clients amazing new procedures with our latest addition to the family of 22 Products!

22 3in1 Device impresses with its precision and smoothness of the needling modules which works wonders in all three skin-enhancing methods – BB Glow, Microneedling, and PMU. With the use of various needle cartridges, you can now achieve long-lasting results that will be satisfying for both you and your clients. The needle depth can be adjusted on the device. The device has a control unit and works with cable.

22 3in1 Device is one of the most advanced and cutting-edge Automated Fractional needling devices, offering a powerful German motor and adjustable needle length. Utilizing Auto Vertical Needling technology, the device penetrates into the skin with a disposable needle cartridge painlessly and efficiently creating thousands of microchannels in a few seconds.

The automated needling allows up to Max 2,600 micro-channels per second with precision skin needling control. The treatment is much more efficient and much less painful than the traditional derma-roller.

The device is Made in Germany and has a serial number. 12 month warranty is included.

Delivery time: 3 weeks

Device specifications: 
Rated Voltage: 100-240V AC
Power: DC5V
Speed: 22000-35000RPM
Weight: 70 Gram

  • the device has 7 speeds
  • the device has a speed display
  • works on cable and cordless
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