What makes this line the best pigments for camouflage?

We’re glad you asked! The product has a great price point & the best possible ingredient selection. We solved one of the biggest industry problems - how to select the right color.
All pigments are followed by 22 shade finders (color wheels) which help determine the right sequence for coloration.
Full product line offers 8 shades that go from the palest to the darkest. You can match a lot of skin tones
by just using individual pigment shades.

You just got to love 22 pigments.

Safe & Effective pmu

Mineral Pigments

Our mineral - also called inorganic pigments contain minerals without heavy metal parts and still offer great coverage. 22 Camouflage pigments are highly effective color additives and offer unique shades that resonate with customers.

No need to mix

The base of 22 camouflage pigments is white, so you don’t have to mix the pigments for base color.

No diluent needed

22 Mineral pigments are the same with every delivery & don’t need any diluent because the density of the product was specially made for body camouflage. No diluent means good control of the color!
01 – Soft 5ml
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