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22 gives you a detailed guide to permanent makeup products used for all kinds of permanent makeup treatments, reflecting on the difference between other pigments & 22 Line, their development and perfection through the years, and different types based on their origin and composition.

The importance of quality

Buying PMU pigments that meet EU standards is one of the most important guarantees of high-quality and reliable PMU pigments that you can buy. 22 pigments have been tested and used for over 7 years now and has over 32 years of ink manufacturing experience behind it.

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Stretch Mark & Scar Camouflage

[Camouflage Step by Step]

😎 Stretch Mark Camouflage is a treatment with logic – learn how to perform it in the right way!

▪️ It's crucial to exercise control over your hands during the Camouflage treatment.

▪️ This is a delicate procedure that doesn't require fast motions. Therefore, you must take your time and work patiently while inserting the pigments into the skin. Doing so will help prevent common mistakes, such as changes in color tone, poor color retention, and potential injuries.

▪️It's important to maintain a gentle and steady pace throughout the procedure to ensure the best possible outcome for your clients.

Get great results every time. Learn from the pioneers of Stretch Mark Camouflage!

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[ Microblading Transformation 😎 ]

…By the one and only – Master Tatjana Damjanović.

Tatjana used pigment Deluxe no.4 from her own collection of brow pigments.

Do you like the results? 😍 We LOOOOOVE them! ❤️

#powderbrows #ombrebrows #microbladedbrows
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[New Brow artists 🎨]

Congratulations to our 4 new Brow artists😍

▫️They have undergone extensive training and are now ready to create stunning brow transformations 🙋🏻‍♀️

▫️ We are incredibly proud of their dedication, hard work, and commitment to their craft. They have demonstrated a keen eye for detail, a passion for enhancing natural beauty, and a genuine desire to provide their clients with top-notch services.

▫️ Congratulations to our talented brow artists and we look forward to witnessing the remarkable transformations they will create for their clients 😍🔥

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