Product detail: 1 box contains 10 needles

NEWEST Antiflow Cartridge includes a full safety membrane system that prevents the backflow of ink/blood into your machine and cross-contamination.

It is also EO Gas Sterilized to ensure hygienic and safe practice.

Produced with medical-grade plastic which greatly reduces the friction between the needle grouping and the tip along with a unique needle stabilizing system that ensures optimal performance.

The needles are UNIVERSAL Pmu cartridges and will fit most PMU devices on the market today.

They have been designed for permanent makeup artists and have a wide variety of needle sizes.

Your pigmentation treatments will be more smooth and clear with new Antiflow cartridges!

With a three-panel design, it can efficiently prevent the inkjet and needles from being colored when in and out of the cavity of the cartridge needle.

Anti-flow Needles 5FP
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