• Effective on all colors  (lasers only effective on black)
  • Safe on Skin: 100% Natural (Non-ACIDIC!! PH 7)
  • Lifts Pigments to Exit Body Naturally
  • Less Expensive than Laser Treatments
  • Short Recovery Time
  • No Scarring

22 Solution lifts pigments to the epidermis so that pigments exit the body with scab whereas lasers break down particles and try to expel the pigment through the lymphatic system. 

Research has shown that some pigments that are not small enough stay in the body.

22 Permanent Makeup Removal Instructions

  1. Disinfect the intended area of procedure and apply anesthetics
  2. Apply using small oval motions with a 3R needle or a 5r needle for bigger areas. Needle depth should not exceed 1.2mm.  Shake removal solution well for 3-5 seconds.
  3. Starting from the tail of the eyebrows and working towards the head of the brows by using small oval circular motions, implant the removal solution.  Dipping often. (Or a point technique can be used, leaving the needle in for a little bit longer than you would for machine powder).
  4. Using cotton pads, blot and clear tissue fluid from the processed area every now and then.   (Clearing tissue fluid with squeezing motion will help with results).
  5. No more than 4 passes should be done in one session.  (From tail to head is one pass)
  6. After the procedure apply the removal solution to the operated area and use plastic cling wrap and cover for 20-30 minutes. Remove and clean the area.
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