PMU Camouflage – Outliner is used before the actual treatment. We manually create dots with a pigment – marking the treated area and softening up
the edges of camouflage. It’s really of great use when you have darker edges too. Outliner will make the camouflage look even more natural. After we have manually placed the dots, we normally continue with PMU camouflage using a device

Inkless Camouflage – Outliner is used before the actual treatment. We can dry needle the treated area first or dip the tool into hyaluron shock and gently apply
manual dots around the treated area. The edges are stimulated because of the single point technique. The manual technique will improve the blood circulation where it’s most needed + inkless camouflage will then help with the overall look of the treated area.

Instructions to use

Cartridges & their use

Cartridge no.3 – For optimal results we recommend you use Cartridge No. 3 specifically designed for soft surfaces, such as addressing stretch marks. Cartridge No. 5 is specifically designed for harder surfaces, such as addressing scars.

Tool usage

The tool comes with the cap on. Unscrew the cap and open the cartridge. All our cartridges are sterilized and meant to be used for a single use only. Place the cartridge inside the holder, ensuring the needle pushes through the hole. Screw the cap on, and you’re ready to go! The tool is conveniently numbered from 0 to 4, providing a range of flexibility. A lower number, such as 1, signifies a very flexible tool, while a higher number, like 4, indicates almost no flexibility. When addressing stretch marks, opt for a softer approach with a lower number. For scars, apply a bit more pressure using a higher number for optimal results. This flexibility scale allows for a tailored and effective treatment depending on the specific skin concern.
Outliner Tool Kit
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